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Being an expert, providing you the social media services through blogs, posts, images, and videos to help you connect with your audiences.


Designing a web page is not an easy job to do. It has many puzzles to be put together if you want your webpage to be recognized at the top of search engines. Only good content writing and designing is not enough. The next step is to find a platform where you can make promotions. Indeed, social media is a very efficient platform for brand promotion and marketing. At etrosoft, we provide social media services by writing content in form of blogs, images, videos and others that engage customers and they will likely visit your page for more information. In today’s age, 97% of marketers use this social media platform to promote their business and its advantages are beyond your imaginations if manage properly.
We provide social media marketing services to our clients to promote their business on the social media platform. We strategize and manage marketing campaigns to promote your brand and business. For the awareness of your brand, our social media marketing agency makes efforts within digital space to draw more traffic to your web page. Our team collaborates to get your brand recognition and sky-high success. Through daily knowledge of newly updated digital technology and analytical tools, we strive hard to come up with useful ways to optimize your social media marketing strategy.


Planning is a very important parameter in any kind of promotion. If the things are not planned out properly, you will probably end up stranded alone. Our experts and professionals at social media marketing agency keep this thing in mind and also discuss it with their clients to follow the proper strategy. According to the business type we use different social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Instagram and Pinterest to promote your business. We strive hard to bring fruitful results to you.

  • Creating Awareness of your brand
  • Increasing Traffic
  • Converting Leads to Customers
  • Communication and interaction with the audience

Social media is a very powerful tool to promote your business and brand. At etrosoft, as Toronto Digital marketing agency, we are always in the effort to deliver the best to promote your business on social media platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn etc to reach the audiences. With the best social media marketing strategies, we bring remarkable success to your brand promotion eventually leading to gaining customers and sales.

  • Creating social media content
  • Marketing and branding through advertisement
  • Increasing web traffic and customers
  • For the marketing consultancy of your brand, you can come to us without any doubt.

We assure you the finest results for your business and brand once you will trust our social media marketing consultancy. With the belief of changing trends and forward-thinking mindset, we will help you make a place in the digital world and be a champion amongst your competitors. We can assure you the guaranteed lead generation and maximum conversions trusting in our services.

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We create social media pages by writing engaging content to attract traffic to your website. Our professionals at Toronto social media agency do brainstorming and extensive researches to write interesting content that targets the audience. Content is equally important for social media marketing as it is important for other factors. Perhaps it is more important because social media is here to spread out your voices. There are billions of users using social media platforms such as Facebook, Instagram and Twitter. We post stuff on these pages daily that is related to your brand awareness and try to give valuable information to the audiences about your brand. The content includes images, videos and some guides that are essential in the promotion. Each social media platform has its unique environment and we make sure that content we post and create for each website is according to the requirement.


We not only create social media pages but we also extend our capabilities to manage it properly. We not only assist you to make loyal customers but also provide management with up-to-date text changes to keep their loyalty to your brand. We keep an eye on the competitors in the same business services you are offering and arrange to give them tough competition. You will not regret trusting us with our expertise. We will make your business in the limelight that targets your audiences. We make sure to make improved and distinct content for your business.


Call-to-action is a significant element in the inbound marketing strategy. The landing page is referred to as the page where the target audiences land on clicking the social media marketing pages that we have created. The landing pages are carefully designed by our experts that efficiently link social media pages to your web pages. We also maintain check and balance on the pages for any disruption. The more people coming to your page, the more sales and conversion rates.
Make a cycle of process mentioned below

  • Creating content
  • Promoting it on social media platforms
  • Instagram Stories
  • Facebook Boosting
  • Conversions
  • Generating revenues


We post stuff on these pages daily that is related to your brand awareness and try to give valuable information to the audiences about your brand. The content includes images, videos and some guides that are essential in the promotion according to your business & brand. Each social media platform has its unique environment and we make sure that content we post and create for each platform is according to its strategy. We create monthly calendars and post according to them. We make sure our content must be engaging and target the right audience at right time.


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Etrosoft has expertise which set result oriented goals and work consistency to achieve their goals. You can see our hard work and achievement through our portfolio.

Social is a vast growing online platform. Billions of users see different social media platforms on a daily basis. It allows targeting people on the basis of location, income and age. Hence, providing extensive space to target your niche.

Social media marketing is 100% effective if done in the right way. Some certain tactics and tools need to be considered while doing social media marketing which is only possible under the supervision of experts. 

Social media marketing is very necessary as the number of users is increasing day by day. Through remarketing strategies, you can attract a lot of customers to your product who haven’t even made up the mind to buy your product before. 


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