Build your brand’s presences through our ppc services Toronto

We manage your pay-per-click advertisement campaigns on social media platforms to acknowledge your business presence among audience.  

Keyword Research

Etrosoft provides Pay Per Click services Toronto through brainstorming and finding appropriate keyword phrases for your brand advertisement. We do extensive research and finds the best keyword that is well suited for your business.

Conversion Optimization

We create pages on your site that directs the person viewing the PPC advertisement of your brand to your webpage designed for subscription purposes. This specifically designed subscription page increases the sales and makes conversion possible only one click away.

Remarketing Campaigns

In remarketing campaigns, we plan to bring the audiences that have seen your ad and showed interest in your products reconnected to your website. This helps to increase the return spent on the ad in terms of increased sales and conversions.

Pay Per Click


One way of driving traffic to your web page is Pay Per Click through which social media platforms are used to advertise your brand or business. It is a paid method in which you have to pay money to the platform either when the user clicks on your advertisement or whenever your advertisement is displayed. We do not only rely on organic traffic but also promote your brand through paid advertisements. Focusing on your budget we use our target capabilities and resources to advertise your brands or businesses with paid social media marketing. The results of paid campaigns are immediate and within a few hours, your page can be on search engines. We make sure to strategize and manage it correctly, both in terms of cost and technical designs, so that it can drive your sales and revenues.
We make efforts to work closely with your target and continuously optimizing it for better profits and growth. If you are interested to promote your brand through PPC, reach out to us and we will give you the best advice for your business. Etrosoft makes it possible for your brand and business to be recognized by target customers that are interested in your products. We use relevant ads by thoroughly knowing your brand slogan for a successful Pay Per Click. Keyword research is a very crucial factor in PPC marketing so that people recognize your brand of what you are selling. Our PPC experts search and brainstorm the keyword phrases that fit for your business and make up-to-date changes frequently on daily basis. We are aimed to provide PPC marketing services to any kind of brand whether it is an e-commerce site or software business. So what are you waiting for? Heads towards our PPC agency Toronto and increase your conversions!



The most used platform for advertisement is Google. Google is indeed the most efficient platform for brand promotion as people searching for similar products will be directed towards your Webpage. Etrosoft, based on PPC services Toronto agency, give recommendations on how to utilize your resources for brand advertisement. With detailed analysis and focus, we promote your brand on Google platform using Google AdWord to boost up your business sale.


Facebook is a huge platform worldwide used by 1.7 billion people on daily basis. Whatever the kind of audience you want to target, all are available on Facebook. For Facebook campaigns, you have the option to select the audience to depend upon the location and other options. We are working for many years to assist you in expanding your business through social media platforms by our experienced experts. Instead of targeting different audience to see what hits your right, we plan to target the right audience at the first place that fits your brand promotion.


Instagram tells visual stories through different ads formats and this is known to have yielded better ROI than other platforms Like Google AdWord and Facebook, we target audience to increase your brand exposure, making more customers and increasing more website traffic. Our prime goal is to make an advertisement for your brand and business attractive so that your leads convert to your customers by frequently visiting your webpage. Frequent website visit will make loyal customers and increase conversion will result.


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Pay-per-click (PPC) is a model in which the advertiser pays a certain amount of money whenever someone clicks on the ad. PPC is very important nowadays as organic traffic takes time to do wonders, PPC gives immediate results.

PPC is very important for small businesses as it allows them to target their niche audience. Drafting a moderate budget, you can help your business grow by attracting potential clients through ads.

The biggest advantage of PPC is that you can reach your target audience. You have control over the budget and you only have to pay when someone clicks on your ad. You also have the authority to show ads at some chosen time.


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